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The New Frontier Of Realism In PC Gaming

Through painstaking collaboration between software developers at AMD and Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider proudly features the world’s first real-time hair rendering technology in a playable game: TressFX Hair.

Well, guys, it’s come to this.



Penelope Cruz And Her Sister Play Nintendo DS

Can you imagine the internet comments on this if Nintendo hadn’t disabled them?


Best Video Game Preorder Bonus Ever


Pre-order Twisted Metal with GameStop and receive a code for $10 orders of 39.99 or more on 1800Flowers.com!

In for two.

via Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3 | GameStop.


Ubisoft’s We Dare Is The Most Ridiculous Video Game Ever

The closest explanation I can give for this new Ubisoft Wii game is that it’s a really silly version of “Truth or Dare,” without the Truth part. Watch this video trailer first and then we’ll talk.

The original trailer (with the tagline “Have A Spicy Evening!”) has been region locked away from the US, probably because we Americans were giggling like school girls over all the sexual things going on in this video. Nevermind the fact that the only way this game would work is if you were extremely attractive and the only other people you were playing with were also genetic specimens. Actually, the only way this game would work is if the experience was a one to one re-creation of the trailer with the exact same people involved. Otherwise, I’d prefer to skip the foreplay, ma’am.

Now that I think about it, it’s good that this game is currently set for release in Europe only. From what I’ve seen in the movies, those people are always more attractive than Americans anyway. Could you imagine the People of Walmart playing this game? Enjoy the mental images. They’re yours to keep.

Since some of you can’t see the original trailer anymore, I’ve taken the liberty of capturing the different “secret endings” to the trailer. (Originally, you could click on each of the codes at the end of the trailer to choose your own ending). Not to spoil anything, but they end in either sexy time or hilarious dude on dude action.






Yeasayer Video For Madder Red With Kristen Bell Spoils Bioshock Infinite

Update: Official video embedded

Ok, I think I’ve figured out this video for Yeasayer’s Madder Red.

It’s got to be part of an ARG promoting Bioshock Infinite. I can’t believe they would spoil the game this early, but you can clearly see that Kristen Bell’s one armed face-monster rules the clouds at the end of this video. There’s no doubt it’s the final boss.

Too easy, Ken Levine. Too easy.


What Is The Rolling Stone Thinking?

I thought that terrible piece on how the Black Eyed Peas was the #1 reason to be excited about music was the most insulting thing the Rolling Stone had done to music lovers this decade.

I was wrong.

I received the above email earlier today.  Apparently, I forgot I had subscribed to The Rolling Stone (and it’s email newsletter) many years ago.  I can deal with the unwanted email; I probably should have double checked the newsletter preferences more closely.  But to squander a communication attempt with a former subscriber on this tripe?

Come on.


Amazon’s Recommendation Engine Works


Where Potty Happens

big baby davis nba trophy larry obrien lol

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics!

(Pic Credit: LOLJocks)


I Weep For Humanity

spore creature creator box picture

Many of you may heard of Will Wright’s upcoming “revolutionary” game, Spore.

Some of you may know that EA is selling the “Creature Creator” portion of the game later this week (for $9.95) so people can get a head start on making their own creatures for the game.

A few of you may have even downloaded the leaked demo of said Creature Creator which has 25% of the body parts for you to play with.

But I guarantee that none of you are prepared to view the creation in the video above. It scoffs at all of the amateurs who hastily created penis or even goatse creatures as their first creations. Instead, it serves as the torchbearer for what the human spirit can accomplish on the internet.

(video after the jump may be NSFW if you are in a very conservative environment)
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A New Internet Catchphrase Is Born

I don’t know how I missed this earlier this week, but Fox News anchor, E.D. Hill, calling Barack and Michelle Obama doing a fist bump, a “Terrorist Fist-Jab” is definitely one of the pottiest things I’ve heard all year.

Sadly, Ms. Hill has lost her show. On the bright side, she’s coined a catchphrase that will surely linger on the interwebs for years to come.