The David Choe Stern Interview

This interview is very long, but once you start listening to it, you won’t even notice the time going by. Plus, it’s the weekend, so you’ve got the time.

You’ll be absolutely enthralled by David Choe because he’s the honey badger of artists. He doesn’t give a shit about “normal” conventions or the decisions that normal people would make. He plays by his own rules and is completely candid with Howard. He tells stories about his time incarcerated in a Japanese prison where he had to bash his head in to cause a visible injury so the warden would take him to a hospital for internal bleeding treatment. He’ll tell you how he came to paint the walls of the original Facebook offices and how he came to the decision to choose shares in the company as payment rather than hard cash. There are some vulgar moments where he talks about sex and masturbation, but it’s all part of his profile.

It’s the most fascinating interview I’ve heard or read in a very long time.