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I Saw Bruce Springsteen Chug A Beer In Front Of Me And Stage Dive

Not bad for a 65 year old.

Both videos are from his 4/26/2012 show at the LA Sports Arena. Overall, I was really impressed by the breadth of music that The Boss and The E Street Band played. Songs touched upon almost every genre including soul, folk, rock, rap, and big band. It’s a shame Bruce didn’t convince the band to do some dubstep songs, though I imagine the older crowd would have found it in poor taste.

Tom Morello was a guest on three songs, content with playing in the background until he was featured front and center for an amazing rendition of “The Ghost of Tom Joad.” It ranked among my top 5 live guest appearances, musically speaking. More raw and impassioned than Bruce’s album cut, yet not as abrasive as the Rage Against the Machine cover, the performance created a version of song that stood above the sum of its parts.

The following video is a clip of “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out,” which closed the encore set. It includes a great tribute to Clarence Clemons.


Urkontinent: The Dogfish Head Google Beer

Let’s be real here, Urkontinent is as much official “Google Beer” as your batch of homemade cookies is “<The Company You Work For> Cookies.” Instead, it’s basically a bunch of Google employees who like beer getting one of their favorite microbreweries to partner up on a marketing venture.

Still, it’s kinda cool that Google lets its employees leverage the company brand in pursuing their hobbies. I imagine other, more conservative, companies would have put the kibosh on something like this because of some asinine reason like “tarnishing the company name,” or “not worth company resources,” especially with something like beer. So, good job by Google on that. Kudos to Dogfish Head too, for making delicious beer (love the 90 Minute IPA) and for also indulging some nerds in brewing a new beer with their suggestions.

Even though Google’s been sullying its name a little bit with all of the gaffes in product launches recently, I’d still try “their” beer. I mean, it’s not like Google brewed it themselves or anything.

via PCWorld