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Marco Arment’s iPad 3 Buying Guide

Marco’s got a very comprehensive FAQ on all the decisions you’ll need to make when considering the iPad 3. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

This quote really cemented my decision to go for a 4G enabled model:

I used my iPad 2 with tethering for a few months. It wasn’t nearly as good as giving the iPad its own 3G service. With tethering, the iPad isn’t always connected. Getting and keeping it connected takes a bit of effort. Sure, it’s not a lot, but that friction adds up and just made me use it a lot less.

Which new iPad should I get? – Marco.org


Killzone 3 Move preview: Point and shoot

Now, this is interesting. Could the Move actually be a non-useless peripheral? If it actually adds as much to the game experience as Randy says, there might be something for gaming enthusiasts to hang their hat on in the motion gaming realm.

Randy Nelson from Joystiq:

Holding down the primary, zigzagging “Move” button allows you to crouch and, when near cover, to stick to it, and I definitely prefer this new cover control to how the mechanic is executed with the DualShock. I was also impressed with how accurately I could aim with the Move when zooming down the sights of the gun, even with the auto-aim assist turned off. It was as if I was shining a laser pointer on my target, and any sense of the gun’s momentum that sometimes causes me to “over-aim” when I’m using a gamepad’s analog stick was gone. The Move is dead-on.

Killzone 3 Move preview: Point and shoot | Joystiq.


Happy Rock Band 3 Day!

Shame on you if you aren’t already click-clacking your way to plastic musical instrument heaven today. Harmonix’s Rock Band 3 releases today on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS and many reviews are already calling it the “best rhythm game ever.”

If you’re the poor soul that hosts your circle of friends’ Rock Band get togethers, there’s at least a $129.99 investment you have to make today to buy the game and new keyboard peripheral. On the bright side, it’s an actual MIDI keyboard so you can justify it by saying you got a “real” musical instrument, but we all know you’re just going to use it to hit five colored notes while getting drunk with your friends.

It’s alright. No one’s judging you. Except maybe your mom.

To celebrate a return to the best home karaoke platform ever, I’ve put together a Grooveshark playlist of 82 of the 83 songs in Rock Band 3. (The only song not on here is John Lennon’s Imagine, which i “imagine” is not on Grooveshark because of licensing reasons.) Enjoy getting to know these songs! It’ll be especially fun if you don’t know Spanish and get roped to sing the Juanes song. My heart goes out to you.


Vanquish Demo Out On Xbox 360, Playstation 3

One of my favorite games from E3 2010 was Vanquish. I won’t rehash my E3 preview, but offer you this reminder:  Think Gears of War but with blazing fast Japanese robot suits, mechs, and explosions everywhere.

The demo is basically the same demo I played at E3 with an additional tutorial component. You’ll get the beginning of a mission plus an incredibly epic boss fight. Seriously, if your heart doesn’t pump while facing it, you’re not alive. My only complaint with the game so far is that it’s really hard to tell how close you are to death at any given time. I do like to play fairly recklessly, though, so if you’re the conservative type, maybe this wont be a problem for you.

You can grab the demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace or Playstation Network and I implore you to check it out if you are a fan of action games or shooters. It’s a fun, original title that’s definitely on my list of anticipated games this holiday season.

Unless of course, you don’t like fun.

Download the Xbox 360 demo


New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer Shows Off Super Skrull, Dormammu

God, I can’t wait for this game.

As someone who grew up on Street Fighter and Marvel Comics, Capcom’s (X-Men/Marvel) Vs. (Street Fighter/Capcom) franchise has always held a special place in my heart. It also tickles my inner nerd seeing not-so-mainstream villains such as Dormammu or Super Skrull get playable character status.

Something about the pseudo-3d graphics feels a little…sterile to me, though. I know it worked for Street Fighter 4, but my gut wishes that they would have gone with super hi-resolution 2d animation based off of a genuine comic artist’s work.

Oh well, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 still looks like incredible fun.

While the trailer may seem like a shitshow to the uninitiated, there’s actually a methodical way to play this game. It doesn’t take too long to process what’s going on and once you do it’s immensely satisfying to pull off those 16 hit air combos and/or fantastical super moves.


New Jay-Z Single (Now With More Oasis Dissing)

A few days ago, Stereogum posted this video of Jay-Z and Kanye debuting a new track from Jigga’s upcoming new album, Blueprint 3. It’s rumored that it’ll be produced (mostly) by Kanye West.  Now, it appears as if the internets have leaked the full studio track for the Oasis-slamming track, “Jockin’.”

I gotta admit, the mocking way he sings the perfectly chosen Wonderwall line really gets those Gallagher brothers right between their taints.

Your move, smarmy Brits.

Download the song here (via Nah Right)


Firefox 3.0 Final Released

firefox 3.0 logo

As a blog dedicated to the betterment of humanity, I feel it is my duty to inform you, the grand hope for mankind, that the latest version of Firefox is now available for download.

If you want to know more about the release, Lifehacker has a great write up here.  All I know is that one of the new features added is called the “AwesomeBar.”  I didn’t really need any other reason to upgrade.

Oh, and I guess there’s some sort of push to break the Guinness Record for most downloads in a day on this or something.

Download Firefox 3.0

Direct download for Windows

Direct download for Mac

(you might have to keep trying on these, their servers are hammered)